The ancient name for quartz can be traced back to Greek mythology: 'Krystallos Yalos', meaning transparent crystal or clear ice.

There are many legends and rituals revolving around this particular stone: some shamans believed that quartz came directly from the sky, Australian Aborigines used it to strengthen their powers. In more recent times, quartz has also found wide use in so-called 'crystal therapy', a set of meditation practices and activities aimed at discovering and empowering the spirit.

The quartz crystal is one of the most important gemstones. This healing stone can be found all over the ground. The earth consists of about 65% silicon, the mineral from which this crystal is created. It is the strongest of all healing stones and strengthens energies, especially healing energies, not least because of its unique crystal structure in the form of a helix spiral. In addition, its great importance is also to increase the power that touches him and even surrounds him in their vibration. He contributes to an increase in consciousness. Berg crystal is one of the most central stones of light. Accordingly, it deals with high, light-fame energies while he rather fends in deep, dark energies. The mountain crystal connects the 3D world we perceive and the higher consciousness.


Cultures around the world have used transparent quartz for various healing and religious purposes throughout human history. An important note to make about quartz is how it can often absorb negative vibrations. This crystal is a hoover for negative vibrations that can stick to your aura and become harmful.

The mountain crystal is a “Master Healer” stone, a catalyst to ourselves and providing clarity and order. He supports calming the mental state and a more harmonious orientation on the higher self. This large healing stone solves blockages and harmonizes the energy system, i.e. it strengthens oppressed or weak consciousness aspects and alleviates exaggerated parts of our self. He helps to increase self-perception and better feel himself.

This quartz promotes communication and enhances gentleness, balance, tenderness and hope. Hyaline quartz protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, relieves pain and has been shown to enhance and strengthen the aura. This all-powerful stone can also be used to cleanse, open, activate and align all chakras.

How to charge and cleanse

We recommend cleaning and charging it by moonlight, with incense or a water bath.