The emerald is one of the most valuable gemstones and has always had a high status in many cultures, myths and royal houses. The ancient Egyptians recognized the healing powers of emeralds early on - especially their effect on the eyes. Even Pliny the Elder wrote about him: "If the eyes are weakened, contemplating the emerald strengthens them again. The soft green of the stone banishes weariness". Cleopatra is said to have supported her beauty and youth by wearing emeralds.


Emerald has always stood for beauty, harmony and justice. Its effect on the psyche is, therefore, closely linked to it. Because it brings mental balance and clarity back to its wearer, the spirit can rest through him. The energy gained can be used for new plans because problems and thoughts are considered more rationally. The view of the surroundings is also clarified and freed from prejudices. Understanding and accepting other living conditions occur. The emerald can also help overcome crises and trauma because it stands for hope and development, helping look ahead. It offers new goals and perspectives, strengthening the sense of justice, which means that its wearer becomes more honest with himself and others. The Greeks already knew emerald as the stone of "divine inspiration": thanks to it, new ideas and flashes of inspiration were to arise.