Celestine (aqua-aura, celestine), a sulphate, is only found in a few places in North Africa, Madagascar, Sicily, Austria and North America. Because of its transparent white to light blue colour, the ancient Greeks called it "ceolestis" = "sky blue". Due to its rarity, gold-coated rock crystal is often offered as celestine or aqua-aura. However, the healing power of such stones is much weaker!

Attributed physical effects
  • Wound healing for injuries and after operations
  • Digestive and purifying
  • Pain reliever for tension and headaches
  • Regenerates damaged tissue
Attributed psychic effects
  • Mood-lifting for depression and anxiety
  • Balancing and calming in case of tension and mental stress
  • Freed from constraints, mental narrowness and inner dissatisfaction
  • Harmonizes body and soul
How to charge

As one of the softest and most delicate crystals, celestite requires a certain level of care to be maintained at its best. To clean Celestite, you can rinse it in water. If you want to avoid water, you can also soak it or put it in a bowl of salt. Keep your Celestite away from harder crystals, such as haematite and tourmaline, as they may chip or scratch the surface. To recharge the crystal, you can place it in moonlight or sunlight. Be careful not to expose the Celestite to direct sunlight for long periods of time, as this may cause it to fade or change colour.