Celestine (aqua-aura, celestine), a sulphate, is only found in a few places in North Africa, Madagascar, Sicily, Austria and North America. Because of its transparent white to light blue colour, the ancient Greeks called it "ceolestis" = "sky blue". Due to its rarity, gold-coated rock crystal is often offered as celestine or aqua-aura. However, the healing power of such stones is much weaker!

Attributed physical effects:

  • Wound healing for injuries and after operations
  • Digestive and purifying
  • Pain reliever for tension and headaches
  • Regenerates damaged tissue

Attributed psychic effects:

  • Mood-lifting for depression and anxiety
  • Balancing and calming in case of tension and mental stress
  • Freed from constraints, mental narrowness and inner dissatisfaction
  • Harmonizes body and soul