General facts

Magnetism: Brass is non-magnetic. It is not affected by magnetic fields and therefore does not spark.

Hygiene: The bactericidal property of brass has a high hygiene advantage as it kills bacteria. This is a clear advantage, especially for jewellery production. In addition, brass is hygienically absolutely harmless.

Environment: Brass is recyclable and, therefore an exceptionally environmentally friendly material. Machining waste is also remelted and thus reused.

Spirituality: in spiritual and metaphysical traditions, brass is the metal that brings out our natural goodness and the inner truth. even the expression 'getting down to earth' indicates the need to eliminate old residues and arrive at pure, natural truth. Composed of copper and zinc, brass has metaphysical healing properties that strengthen the immune system and instil courage. By repeatedly wearing brass jewellery, it will take on your body chemistry, revealing your personal energy signature.