Amethyst is a speciality in violet. This gemstone's name comes from the Greek word "amethyein," meaning "not drunk," alluding to amethyst's detoxifying properties, which were said to prevent intoxication. The Greeks, therefore, often carried it with them. Today we know that even the strongest amethyst cannot protect against drunkenness. However, the Greeks also wore it against magic and evil thoughts. Therefore, it should protect against false friends, avert dangers and turn evil thoughts into the opposite.


The amethyst has special cleansing abilities on the mind. It clarifies all superfluous thoughts and sensations, strengthens concentration, and promotes objectivity in thinking, helping you decide quickly. Additionally, the amethyst also helps to increase both the management of perceptions and broaden our experiences, solving learning difficulties, test anxiety, problems or emotional pain. In addition, the amethyst soothes the mind and ensures deep inner peace in the long term, dissolving negative energies.

However, the violet colour of the amethyst also fires the imagination because it dissolves blockages and inhibitions, which promotes the processing of conflicts through dreams, especially during sleep. Amethyst necklaces can impress other people with more charisma and temperament. Druze set-up in the room activates the room energy, having a liberating and cleansing effect on the entire room and thus providing more warmth and harmony.

How to charge

We recommend periodically charging the amethyst under running water.