Borgo Egnazia: A Walk In The Clouds

di Irène Schäppi luglio 29, 2022

Borgo Egnazia: A Walk In The Clouds

The trip to the 5-star luxury resort on the Adriatic coast begins with the song "Blackbird" by The Beatles, which I heard in my dream the night before departure. A premonition par excellence! Because, pretty much as The Beatles expressed it with their wonderful lyrics, this trip for me personally was all about "Take these broken wings and learn to fly".

And how I learned to fly again and to love myself in Borgo Egnazia! Thank you, Universe, Lovi, Lisa, Bianca, Ornella, and my very own Borgo Famiglia (you know, who you are!).

Of course, that luxury hotel located in Savelletri di Fasano is pure magic in itself. Especially when the Apulian sun hits the hand-cut tuff stone (tufo in Italian) of the various buildings of Borgo Egnazia, creating – no matter what time of day – a fascinating play of light, shadow, and a certain glow that can hardly be put into words. Responsible for this is the local designer Pino Brescia, who has completely reflected the traditional architecture of Apulia in the design of the top resort, which resembles an Apulian village.

More precisely, the property offers three types of accommodation, where tradition, modernity, and authenticity are harmoniously combined: The main building, known as "La Corte", houses 63 rooms in three categories, which are based on the traditional "masserie" in a contemporary way. With its central piazza and small alleys resembling an Apulian village, "Il Borgo", which includes 92 rooms designed as "casette", in the style of typical townhouses, represents the heart of the entire property. The 28 noble villas of Borgo Egnazia, located in "Le Ville", are equipped with private gardens and pools, perfect for families and those who want complete privacy. So it's only logical that Borgo Egnazia has already hosted A-listers like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel or Madonna. And yours truly.

A true home away from home 
Climbing on the roof terrace of one of these villas surrounded by olive groves and bougainvillea bushes blooming in the most beautiful magenta, the whole expanse of this magical place opens up to you. And you feel, I can not put it into other words, incredibly close to heaven. I myself, at least, was able to breathe deeply for the first time since my accident. And I felt filled with the absolute certainty that everything is exactly as it should be. This was not only due to the surroundings just described, but also to the people with whom I was able to experience this special moment.

Because, unlike many other luxury resorts, guests at Borgo Egnazia are truly welcomed. By that, I don't just mean the personal pick-up service from the airport, the extremely friendly check-in, and the immediate Home Away From Home feeling as soon as you enter the Borgo Egnazia universe. Rather, one encounters an authenticity and positive aura here like in hardly any other place. 

Each and everyone you encounter on the grounds of Borgo Egnazia, makes you feel as if you truly belong and makes sure to leave you – after a little exchange of words and many smiles – filled with warmth and peace. This happened to me, for example in the hotel's own ice cream parlor – there's no way around the strawberry ice cream, believe me! –, as well as in the amber-lit Vair Spa.

Or in one of the hotel's six fantastic restaurants. My personal favorite: La Frasca, which is designed like a traditional, rustic Mediterranean trattoria and whose cuisine brings forgotten Apulian flavors back to life. And the restaurant, under the aegis of chef Domingo Schingaro and the direction of Andrea Ribaldone, can indeed do that. Just by tasting the "Strascinate con ragù di brasciole" I heard a choir of angels singing and I was very close to the so-called "la petite morte". 

You can probably guess the rest about this extremely lucullan gourmet experience. Ma certo, because for all the restaurants of Borgo Egnazia only the best ingredients of the region are used: Vegetables from the fields of the estate to Apulian meat, freshly caught fish, and the finest olive oil from the Masseria San Domenico. 

Power Spots all around you
The latter, by the way, you can visit yourself with bicycles specially provided by the hotel for this purpose. You can decide for your bike tour whether you use an electric bike or a conventional bike. The main thing is to get on your bike and enjoy a completely different view of Borgo Egnazia and its extraordinary surroundings. If you haven't already done so, you will realize on this occasion at the latest what a place of power this very special and, yes, absolutely magical luxury hotel is.

Take it from me, a person who thought she'd despise bicycle riding and has been – since this trip – completely transformed into a believer aka" I love to ride my bicycle!" Long story short: There is no better way than experiencing Borgo Egnazia's magic and energetically aura as per getting on a bike, listening to Florence + The Machine ("I am free"), and taking it all in!

Speaking of power spots, if you're already biking, treat yourself to a lunch break at Cala Masciola Beach Club, part of Borgo Egnazia, with a private beach. Fresh fish and seafood - be sure to try "crudo" in the Apulian tradition! – you will hardly get anywhere. And, about gaining weight: Don't worry. Either you swim a few lengths in the Adriatic Sea or you visit the Masseria Brancati by bike and walk there in the midst of millennia-old olive trees in the footsteps of film icon Sophia Loren.

A little tip on the side: find an olive tree there, feel its energy and embrace it. You will not regret it, I promise! The dreams you will have the following night can be quite enlightening and extremely enchanting. The Borgo Egnazia is the perfect setting for this, as I can only confirm here myself and from the bottom of my heart!  

From my heart to yours, Irène

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