Margo Marrone‘s Beauty Regimen

di The Goddess Collective aprile 09, 2022

Margo Marrone‘s Beauty Regimen

My fascination for natural medicine and clean and toxin free skincare originates from growing up in Iran. My grandma and mom always took me to the bazaar. There were always herbs and flowers and essences. I remember a potion that my grandma would give me when I wasn't well. I was very much in tune with nature and what nature has to offer. This is what started my passion for herbs and how to treat the human body naturally.

When I was 11 we left Iran and went to London where I studied pharmacy, specializing in herbal medicine. Whilst I was working as a pharmacist, I leaned towards the natural side. I always thought, "Okay, what can I give the person to get them through their situation and their illnesses as naturally as possible?" We're talking 30 years ago. Then, I came across Dr. Bach’s The Bach Flower Remedies. It's about homeopathy, and it was then that I first discovered all the chemicals that go into our skincare. I thought, "Wow, this is really surprising. I'm so shocked." And again, this is way before all of this became mainstream, and clean became the new way.

The Internet didn’t exist then. So the idea of an organic pharmacy came to me. I was pregnant at the time with my daughter, and I really wanted to make sure that everything I put on her was clean and toxin free. So it really became and still is a lifestyle and a passion for me. That‘s how and why I started to produce my own skincare products and how The Organic Pharmacy‘s story began.

I start treating my skin in the morning by using The Organic Pharmacy's Enzyme Peel Mask with Vitamine C, Aloe Vera and Passion Fruit. I follow that with our Antioxdant Duo – nicknamed the "instant face lift" because it boosts Collagen – and the Glow Serum with Hyaluronic Acid to really seal it all in.

I also consider gratitude being a big part of my beauty regime. Meaning: Every morning I burn some Love Incense by House of Roxyand say my gratitude prayers. Before taking a shower I love the dry brushing technique, followed by a lucious body oil that makes me feel like a queen. Ingredients such as Jasmin Oil can have this effect, as this particular essential oil is a popular home remedy used to treat everything from depression to infections, it’s best known as an aphrodisiac.


At night I mix Epsom salts with a bath oil and do a 20 minute bath ritual releasing all that I need to let go of. For cleansing my face from daily pollution I swear by our Carrot Butter Cleanser that is also perfect for doing a strong massage on my face lifting everything up. Chamomile tea and Magnesium – better known as anti-stress mineral that not only benefits bones and muscles, but the nervous system as well – finishes my night routine and helps me to get into a relaxed state. Last but not least: A good night's sleep is so important to beauty.


This interview has been edited and condensed.


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