Venus, The Goddess of Love

di Ursi Häusler febbraio 14, 2021

Venus, The Goddess of Love

Since today is Valentine’s Day it is the perfect opportunity to talk about the love energy we get from the universe in 2021 and to connect on a deeper level with Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and divine feminine energy. 

What Venus Energy Stands For

Venus is one of the inner, fast moving, personal planets that represent and reflect our embodiment of certain areas of our lives. She stands for what we like and therefore represents our desires, love, values and valuables/money. She is our emotional antenna and often gets associated with the feminine energy or how we embody this energy. Every beautiful flower and every act of love contains the essence of sweet Venus.  

Venus rules two zodiac signs: As a morning star, she rules Taurus (an earth sign), where she is associated with the simple and sensual side of the physical reality. Here she stands for your values, your self-worth, your desires & what brings you pleasure, your sensual experience in this world, all material things & possession, and your connection to nature. As an evening star, she rules Libra, where she takes on the role of a more intellectual side of love and harmony (Libra is an air sign) and where she is associated with romantic love, personal and professional relationships, justice, beauty and aesthetics.  



Insights about your personal and unique love signature

When you combine these traits with the zodiac sign Venus is in in your Birth Chart, you can learn a lot about the flavor of your love signature: The relationship you have to yourself, the way you love/how you do relationships (is she in a fire, earth, air or water sign?), what you are naturally drawn towards (chemistry aspect), what you desire in a partner. E.g. Do you want a super sensitive (water sign) or more practical partner (earth sign)? She basically tells you about the kind of partner that would support you most to be authentically yourself. 

She also gives insights about how you feel beautiful, how you express your feminine energy, what you are in love with/attracted to in life; e.g. your sense of taste, what kind of art, music and food you prefer. She reveals the things and topics you are excited about and what your heart is drawn to in this life. She could also hint towards how you best make money or where you can find love and beauty (the House Venus is in).  

To dive further into this topic and learn more about your specific Venus placement I would suggest a personal birth chart reading with an Astrologer.   


The current Venus energy in the sky

When we look at where Venus is in the sky right now, we can get a sense of what the collective is going through in this very moment when it comes to all these topics above. On February 14th Venus is at 15° of Aquarius conjunct 4 other planets – Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury in retrograde and the Sun.

Venus in Aquarius can seem a bit detached; she is not the most emotional and sensitive version of herself and can be a bit chilly. Aquarius is an Air sign and therefore more connected to the mind than to feelings, it is more focused on the intellect than the heart. Two other important qualities of Aquarius are the free spirit energy and the futuristic mindset it offers us. With the help of this energy we could defy the norm of the society we’re in and evolve the current human consciousness. Another thing Venus in Aquarius could bring is new ways of relating to one another. Because each and everyone’s individuality is important to Venus in Aquarius and her value system in this sign is radically different from the rest of society. Aquarius is the zodiac sign that stands out, that wants to be different and unique, and doesn’t mind being the odd one out. So we definitely have a very futuristic version of Venus up in the skies at the moment and she shows us how free and unexpected love can be, while inviting us to celebrate the unique beauty in others and ourselves. 



On a more personal level, look at where Aquarius falls in your Birth Chart – this house will be the area of your life that is getting all the action from these 5 planets in Aquarius at the moment. If you’re interested in knowing more about how the current transit energies affect your life, a personal transit reading would give you these insights. 


Lot's of tension in Taurus and Aquarius in 2021

I already talked about the main theme of 2021 in my last article. There will be 3 squares this year between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus on February 17th, June 14th and December 24th. This challenging energy will be felt all year long, not just on the exact dates when these two planets square. You can compare it to big waves - you can feel the swell before and after they hit.So the Taurus energy, which we just learned is ruled by Venus, will be exposed to a lot of tension this year. In other words there is a lot happening in the area of the divine feminine energy, our values & self-worth, how we approach our physical reality and how we connect to our hearts and to nature.

Because Uranus stands for the awakener I look at it as if Uranus in Taurus has been working on consciously waking us up to the power of the divine feminine energy since entering Taurus in 2018. The rise of the divine feminine has been very visible all over the world and men and women are tapping more and more into their softer, feminine energy while at the same time activating their divine masculine energy. As Katharina Hillenberg from “The Magic Kathi Show” puts it: “In 2021 the programmed masculine learns to surrender & the programmed feminine learns to feel safe enough to meet the masculine with love.” 




Another thing to add here is a beautiful example that the sky truly does speak to us: Mars, the planet that represents the divine masculine energy, just joined Uranus in Taurus in the beginning of 2021 after spending an exceptionally long period of time in his home sign Aries. It’s as if Mars spent this extra long time in Aries in 2020 (while Saturn and Pluto did their restructuring work) in order to finally break through the old paradigm of what masculine energy stands for. And now that he is in Taurus, to allow the divine feminine energy to refill and merge in the spaces he freed up during his reflective retrograde period last year.This is also reflected in the rise of Men Circles and Men’s Work in recent years. 

These communities offer a safe space for men to tap into their emotions, be more vulnerable and break through old limiting beliefs of the old programmed archetype of what a strong man has to be like.The collective North Node in Cancer right before the current Gemini North Node, also speaks to the fact that the collective has been tapping more and more into the sacred space of the divine feminine energy by embracing emotions and feelings more consciously. Truly accepting our emotions and feelings and using them as an empowerment tool instead of a weakening aspect is undoubtedly the next stage of human evolution.





Kevin Walton states: “It’s not just a good idea or healthy choice to listen to our feelings but it is actually vital.” We have to take ownership and responsibility for our world inside in order to change the world outside.Now that Saturn (the teacher) in Aquarius squares Uranus, I believe that we will make a quantum jump into the direction of this internal program shift of fully embracing the divine feminine energy because this huge tension is added to the mix. It’s like this divine feminine energy first has to bubble up in order to heal the unhealthy side of the masculine energy that our society is so used to before we then finally can create harmony between these two divine energies. And Mars is right there with Uranus in Taurus to kick this process off and to add the divine masculine energy into the mix.

Furthermore Saturn is in Uranus’ home sign of Aquarius – if this is not a sign for an evolution in the right direction I don’t know what is. It might be challenging because it is a destabilizing square and this could be an activists dream but we always have a choice in how we use the energy. Instead of reacting to this energy and creating more divide and perpetuating the narrative we can respond by building the future we want to see by peacefully embodying the divine feminine and divine masculine energy. Let’s be peaceful love warriors and alchemize this energy to be the change we want to see in the world.   


Venus' participation in the lunation's this year

 It’s almost as if the universe knew that we needed some support from Venus – aka love - this year, ¨because Venus participates in many lunations this year. It seems like she keeps showing up for us in these powerful moments of the New Moons and Full Moons to help us incorporate more love in our lives.

You can find more details about Venus magic in the upcoming lunation's this year on @the_light_hub, where I will post about the energies that we’ll be experiencing at each New Moon and Full Moon. 



Venus retrograde at the end of the year

Venus starts her shadow period on November 18th 2021. This means that she will be travelling over the same territory that she is going to hit in her retrograde period starting December 19th. This is a period of time to be in some kind of an awareness of how you give and receive love. What are the blocks you have in this regard? What are the inhibitions to having a greater open heart? Pay attention to what comes up for you in regards to love during this month. Venus then turns retrograde on December 19th in the sign of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn, the teacher) after her very beautiful participation in many lunations this year. It is like she wants to tell us at the end of the year “I know you’ve been through a lot. How are we going to stay loving in this crazy word? I will do a retrograde so that you have time to reflect and integrate the hard lessons we had to learn in 2021 and I will help you love more, even when it is hard, even when we are learning something as a result.”

So this will definitely be a great period to integrate everything that Venus brought to the table for us in 2021. It is also a good time to do deep work of emotional nature because it’s the perfect time to go within to bring some insights about how old traumas might still be felt in the emotional body. Before the year ends we have time to ask ourselves in more depth “What is love, the heart, saying?” Maybe this year love said: “We have to turn within so that we can become better receivers and givers of love in the midst of all the chaos”.

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