"La Vita è Bella" with Alf Heller

par Irène Schäppi septembre 01, 2023

"La Vita è Bella" with Alf Heller

Alf, what was the first spiritual practice you fell in love with, and why?
My grandma is the most inspiring person; I just continued our daily conversations when she died.

Mindful rituals you’re most faithful to?
When I was a little boy, I was daydreaming and very intuitively started visualizing my dreams. Also, saying thank you for all the good things happening before I go to sleep is a daily ritual very dear to me.

The first thing you do after waking up?
Drink a cup of coffee… or two, or three (smiles).

Go-to weeknight recipe?
A tasty vegan burger from the health food shop next door (I‘m not a vegan, though).

First job?
Collecting shopping carts at Migros. It was a disaster!

Won’t fly without?
Earpods for a short-haul, Versace silk pillow while on a long-haul.

What makes you feel at home?
When and where my husband is on and at my side.

When and where are/were you the happiest?
On my wedding day at the Lake of Como – what our friends now call the Lake of Homo! 

Why did you start Alf Heller Cosmetics?
I was always looking for clean, functional, and reasonably priced products made in Switzerland. I found no such products, so they needed to be developed. That’s why my business partner and I founded Alf Heller Cosmetics.

Who is/was your mentor? Or, to put it into other words, who or what inspires you?
Throughout my life, individuals who live their dreams, pursue their vision, and have an aura of positivity inspire me, and also individuals who rise like a phoenix-like Donatella Versace after her mental, physical, and economic downfall followed by her brother’s death.

First celebrity crush?
Unexpected for some: Madonna… or her dancers on the Blonde Ambition world tour after all … ? Male celeb crush: Ricky Martin; he is one of those individuals I just spoke about… because of his dazzling smile and because: 

"He bangs, he bangs
Oh baby, when he moves, he moves ..."

Favorite book ever and why?
There is no book concerning fiction, but I love to read biographies, like High Society - The Life of Grace Kelly.

Which is your favorite song that always saves the day for you and why?
My friends all know any song by Sandra! They have been and will always be my favorites: "Maria Magdalena" or "In the Heat of the Night" as examples for those who don‘t know the German artist. Why? It‘s something in the tone of her voice, something dramatic, that resonates with me.

Things you could buy in a bulk?
F A S H I O N !!! Bags! Clothes! Shoes!

What does a perfect weekend look like for you?
Sharing our little paradise (our garden terrace at home with hundreds of friends' plants in the heart of Zürich) on a summer evening with friends. And loads of champagne!

What would you put on your neon sign?
Enough is never enough!

Your preferred form of exercise?

Favorite dish or meal?
Any form potatoes can take as food!

Proudest moment?
Listening to my Mum‘s wedding speech, my husband and I and our guests (fashionably dressed in white) were moved to tears.

What is for you personally the meaning of life?
Do not overthink things: work hard and have fun, as simple as that.

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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