News, news and more news!

par Irène Schäppi novembre 21, 2021

News, news and more news!

Dear TGC – family,

My co-founder and I began laying the foundational brick of The Goddess Collective many years ago in my kitchen with a very clear aspiration: We wanted to create a digital platform as well as a witchy concept store, where everyone can find love, magic, and inclusivity – as a catalyst for a romance to ourselves and more selflove – be it with our products or blog posts you can find under the section Divine Inspirations. That is what makes my heart flutter, what sparks my creativity, and where my most powerful energy flows most freely.

We are a love company, first and foremost.

Since opening our online shop almost a year ago we, along with so many small businesses, have been navigating the ups and downs of operation during unprecedented global circumstances.

If you are new to us (welcome!), you can read about the choices we have made since we first started.

As you might have noticed via our social media outlet, we offer you our very first Black Friday Sale ever. We are more than excited about this decision as it makes us feel a little bit like the big players out there …

Another very important thing I want to share with you, is our upcoming pop-up store. We have been invited to be part of the Jelmoli Christmas Factory where you can find us from December 4th until December 24th on the second floor. Look out for a fairytale-like and enchanted garden, where you can discover, touch, and smell our selection for the very first time and meet us in person. More details about this amazing adventure will follow soon.

From my heart to yours,


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