The Cosmic Energies Of 2021

par Ursi Häusler janvier 15, 2021

The Cosmic Energies Of 2021

Before getting into this year's planetary energies, I would like to encourage you to see Astrology based on consciousness and archetypes, to look at it as different energies we will face. In other words: Everything that is happening out there in the solar system is also happening within us. It is not about any predictions or what is going to happen in the physical reality – it's more a notion or sensation of what the collective consciousness will be going through in 2021.

From an astrological perspective this year is not as intense as last year, which was a year of many major transits*, many retrograde periods of all the planets, the very long period of Mars in his home sign Aries (due to the Mars retrograde) and more eclipse action than this year. But as the stage has been set in 2020, the story is far from over. The tension continues but the ingredients will be very different – we will have less Capricorn energy, that is known as a rigid, structured energy, but a lot more of Aquarian energy, that represents a free spirit which means a revolutionary, inventive energy is coming our way. So one could say we'll be better supported by the cosmic energies to move on and embrace change.

A Quick Summary of 2020

In 2020 we had three major planets in Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto). Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and therefore connected to everything that has to do with structure, discipline, lessons and karma and all the changes a human life must go through to grow. All this Capricorn energy was about breaking us down (Pluto) and brining us to the essence of who we truly are. It was so much about old structures dying so that life going forward will look very different. That can be quite challenging because we‘ll basically have a life before and after 2020 or COVID-19.

With the following macro overview of 2021 I would like to give you some insights on the upcoming cosmic energies, so that you are "ready" and mentally prepared for what is to come our way energetically this year.

The Shift From The Earth Element Into The Air Element

Let's start with the two social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, that define what our social experience is going to be like. They met up in Aquarius at 0 degrees on December 21st during the great conjunction and will stay in this star sign for the whole year. Aquarius is the archetype of freedom, rebellion, individuality for the greater good of humanity, independence, innovation, higher mind, inventions, revolution and the collective.

The great conjunction from December 21st marked the beginning of two new cycles: a 20-year and an approximately 200-year cycle.



In other words: Every 20 years these two social planets come together and reset our social experience. For example: 20 years ago they met in Taurus, so the last 20 years were dominated by a very stable earth energy that manifested itself also in the physical reality. The other bigger cycle is the approximately 200 year-cycle where these two planets meet in signs of the same element. From now on Jupiter and Saturn will meet in air signs for the next approximately 200 years.

A Drastic Energy Shift

Air stands for ideas, thoughts, the mind, the intellect – which will put more emphasis on the power of our minds. This is one of the many reasons why this topic is so dear to my heart as it shows you that you have to be more aware of how powerful your mind is: You truly do create your own reality and the planetary energies will support you even more now that these two social planets are in Aquarius. And on top of that we have Mercury, the ruler of our current collective destiny (North Node in Gemini), that also stands for the mind, how we think and communicate. More about the nodes further below.

Old Versus New

The major transits in 2021 will be the three Saturn (in Aquarius) / Uranus (in Taurus) squares in February, June and December. Fyi: A transit is a geometrical connection between planets that reflect energies that we move through.

Saturn represents the traditional, the old, the conservative, the teacher. It wants us to grow and own our shadows. Whilst Uranus is the great awakener and stands for revolution, future and disruption. A little side note: Uranus rules the archetype of Aquarius. So that is why we see similarities here.

Furthermore a square represents conflict energy – it can reflect a pressure inside of us: each side wants what it wants and isn’t backing up so to speak. This isn't necessarily bad because as we know we mainly grow through challenges in our lives. As Astrologer Ari Moshe Wolf puts it: "It can be very liberating to become more self-reflective, to look at the ways that we are living. Maybe some are outdated and we could tap into a more evolved, inclusive way of thinking. With Uranus there is always an invitation to expand our understanding, to take a big step back and observe. To see things clearly without the filter of our interpretation."


This is why the tension between the Saturnian tradition and the Uranian revolution could spark changes on an individual level that could transform the very fabric of our society. It could also bring frightening changes but it also has the potential for immense growth by learning our lessons and by bringing more "wokeness" to the table.

Since Uranus began entering Taurus in 2018, it has been asking us to break free from conventions (Uranus) and to focus on whatws essential (Taurus). The message that something needs to change in the way we approach life and our planet earth, got louder and louder. And now with Saturn – the teacher – squaring Uranus this message can't be overheard any longer. There's no postponing it anymore. 

Saturn In A Sextile With Chiron

A sextile is a supporting energy and this basically means that Saturn is working with Chiron – known as the wounded healer – and not against it. As this sextile happens almost at the same time as the first two Saturn/Uranus squares in February and June we could see this as an opportunity to heal if we pick up our tools. So at the same time as we might be forced to be with sudden unexpected energies we are treated with this healing and supportive transit.  

The Nodes – Our Collective Destiny

In evolutionary Astrology we talk a lot about the nodes of the moon. The nodes of the moon are the two points where the sun and the moon's orbits intersect. This signifies a powerful point in every chart. The North Node for example stands for the collective destiny as well as purpose, the areas in our lives where we have to work, whilst the South Node describes where we come from, what we are good at, but what we have to release at the same time in order to grow.

Those nodes do work together, so we should consider them both and focus on the positive expressions of both signs they are in. With the collective North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius this year we'll have the following energies play out. Gemini Energy stands for child-like curiosity, thoughts, the mind, intellect, communication style, learning by gathering information, seeing two sides of a story but also anxiety or chatter in your mind. Sagittarius Energy involves the big picture, beliefs, religion, higher education, knowledge but also the urge to be "right".

So our nodal axes basically call for keeping an open mind, trying to see several sides of a or the story and to allow new ways of knowing (e.g. where we get our information from) to come in. We must allow the breakdown of any strong belief system or construct that doesn’t serve us any longer. This can be very healing but also disorienting. Especially with Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusion, the unconscious and spirituality squaring the nodes at the moment (exact on January 26th) we might get a bit confused.

Therefore I'd recommend to start evolving into the true Gemini spirit of being able to hold multiple perspectives or energies simultaneously. 


Mercury, The Ruler Of Our Collective Destiny

Mercury, our intellectual antenna, is the planet of perception, communication and rational thought.
Mercury is one of the most powerful planets this year because it is the ruler of the archetype of Gemini, and as we just learned the North Node is in Gemini at the moment. Therefore Mercury is the ruler of our collective destiny and it will be helpful to follow it’s cycle more consciously to understand what we can learn from it. Mercury just entered Aquarius on January 8th, so it now follows the path of the two social planets and joins them for a triple conjunction. If you are lucky you'll be able to see these three planets together in the night sky right after sunset on the west-southwest horizon until January 11th.

But as Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, it will change signs much faster than the two giants (it cycles through all the zodiac signs four times per year while Jupiter moves across all 12 signs in a 12-year cycle and Saturn in a 28-30 year cycle).

Each year there are three Mercury retrograde cycles and guess what? This year these retrograde periods will be in the three air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra). So again, another planet that emphasizes the importance of the air oriented consciousness which stands for communication, writing, intuition, mental and cognitive processes and the mind. So these three retrograde periods this year and the North Node in Gemini will hopefully help us get smarter and more able to express ourselves and use our minds more wisely.

How To Work With All This Air Energy On A Personal Level

Astrologer and Naturopath, Kira Sutherland says that from a medical Astrology perspective it would be wise to watch our stress levels and nervous system this year because we’re getting so much Aquarian energy in 2021, which puts the focus on the nervous system and circulation.  "It's okay to have downtime. It's about scheduling the downtime so that you remember to relax... And not feeling guilty for it!"

In other words, strengthening your nervesand nourishing your body will be key to navigating 2021.
Medical Astrologer Cameron Allen adds to this by saying that decompression will be key in 2021, to find stillness within all the craziness.

So taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority in 2021 will definitely help you get through the challenges much smoother. Some ideas how you could support your nervous system are de-stressing with deep breathing and breath work, grounding yourself in nature, getting enough sleep, practicing presence in every moment, meditation and journaling.



2021 Is Very Much The Year Of How We Use Our Mind

All this air energy asks us to use our minds wisely and to think outside the box and all the Aquarian energy shows us that it is time for every single unique individual to contribute to the good of the whole by being the most authentic expression of oneself. To think independently, to step away from the known, to find solutions and embrace change and to connect with people and communities that support us in being our fullest authentic expression. It invites us to get clear on the big picture and to truly ask ourselves who we are, because that deep awareness and groundness in who you are is going to be key in 2021.

One little addition from my side, don’t forget the heartwith all that mind energy – because only when we involve the heart, we can be the most authentic expression of self. And with Uranus in Taurus we are reminded that it is very important to still stay grounded in this physical reality despite all the ascension or awakening energy so we don't get lost in space.

I hope this reflection of the energies coming our way in 2021 empowers you to make choices that serve you, your growth and those you love, in the highest way possible. And remember, it is entirely up to us how we surf the energy waves of the universe, we always have free will.

*the Saturn/Pluto conjunction (every 35-38 years), the 3 Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions (every 12-13 years) and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (every 20 years)

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