Como Shambala Estate: Finding The Way To Yourself

von Irène Schäppi 11 Februar 2021

Como Shambala Estate: Finding The Way To Yourself

Christina Ong, fashion entrepreneur and luxury resort magician, has created a place near Ubud where holistic healing and spiritual wellness are possible as our co-founder Irène experienced herself.

Even thirteen years after the initial release of "Eat, Pray, Love", the small town of Ubud in the highlands of Bali is still the top destination for those who are looking to find themselves. The town draws large crowds... which aren’t that great for relaxing.

That's why we recommend fans of holistic healing to check into the wellness resort Como Shambala Estate for about four days. Admittedly, a stay in this luxury hotel is not cheap, but it’s a magical experience. Self-discovery included.

Immediately after entering the estate, which is situated above the Ayung river, a kind of inner peace sets in. This is partly due to the harmonious backdrop of lush rice terraces and forests with flowering trees and bamboo groves.



But it’s also due to Ram Hiralal's warm welcome. The hotel manager immediately makes it clear that you belong to the Shambala family. No wonder stars like Chrissy Teigen and fashion designer Donna Karan feel so at home in this resort. The latter regularly books detox treatments at Shambala Estate.

Wellness programmes were introduced just under a year ago and are tailored to the individual needs of each guest. With names like “Ayurveda", "Be Active", "Bespoke" or "Cleanse", these programmes are incredible – despite the headaches, which Dr. Prasanth explains are part of the detox process. In case of aches, the Ayurvedic guru advises walking 300 steps down into the jungle to the resort's riverfront gardens. These are fed by a natural healing spring revered by the locals.

And lo and behold: As soon as we submerge our heads underwater, we feel a wonderful lightness of being. This also happens during the massage treatments in the Ojas Spa, and perhaps the gecko calls in the open therapy rooms add their own magic to the process. For those who might want to turn up their noses at this: These little reptiles are supposed to bring good luck. And after our stay at the Como Shambala Estate, we can confirm that this is definitely true.

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