The TGC-Team's Insider Beauty-Guide

von The Goddess Collective 05 Mai 2022

The TGC-Team's Insider Beauty-Guide

Because it's cold, gray and rainy today, we've put together our absolute beauty and wellness favotites from allover in Switzerland for you – to cheer you up, so to speak. Well, here you go. We hope you enjoy our inputs and can't wait too hear back from you.

Kultkosmetik in St. Gallen

Although we have our base in Zurich, we love to discover new beauty stores all over Switzerland. For example, Kultkosmetik in St. Gallen. Specializing in natural and organic cosmetics and opening in 2019, this beauty boutique has everything a beauty heart with a love for aesthetics desires. In addition to international brands like Susanne Kaufmann, Tata Harper and The Organic Pharmacy, you can also discover a nice selection of smaller labels like Josh Rosebrook, Agent Nateur and Nazan Schnapp there. And stock up on fabulous supplements like Ylumi's Hyaluron capsules, Ogaenics' Skin Radiance Complex Beauty Fuel or Wunder Workshop's Adaptogens. We have tried many of them ourselves and therefore visit Kultkosmetik in St. Gallen often.

Nails at Sonia in Lucerne

Not far from the Lucerne Lion Monument is the nail studio of Sonia Grasso. We were not only impressed by its central location. In fact, Sonia's ability to fulfill practically any nail polish design wish for her customers always blows us away. That's one of the reasons why Nails at Sonia has become a real insider tip for nail art fans and influencers through word-of-mouth since its founding in June 2018. Also good to know: Sonia does not use acrylic for her gel nail designs - because it is harmful to the cuticles - but only materials produced in Switzerland. We've already made our next appointment and will probably have rainbows painted on our fingernails, because why not? We'll show you what that looks like on Instagram asap.


Blow Coiffure in Zurich

Since our co-founder Irène had her dark brown hair dyed to white blonde in early 2017, it's been through quite a lot: Breaking off, discoloring, being virtually burned by bleach, and in general. Each time, Irène and her hair have been saved by Victor from Blow Coiffure. He is responsible for keeping Irène's beloved blonde looking top-notch for almost four years now, and for keeping her hair healthy despite all the hardships. Getting appointments with him personally – Victor is one of the co-owners and founders of Blow Coiffure – is not exactly easy. Nevertheless, give it a try, because he's the best!


Six Senses Spa in Gstaad

Of course, a stay at The Alpina Gstaad is anything but cheap. Still, someone on our team tries to go at least once a year. And not just because the team at the luxury hotel makes us feel at home there. Rather, we save up the money for this so that we can enjoy a treatment with Antonis Sarris in the hotel's Six Senses Spa. The supervisor of the spa has completed a comprehensive training in Tibetan medicine, and his treatments are tailored to the individual needs of his customers, if they so desire. In our co-founder Irène's session, for example, in addition to an energetic massage with sesame oil, he applied a chakra healing using crystals and gemstones. What once led her into past lives, back deep into her heart center and finally let her cry tears of happiness (you can see her post-treatment glow in this article's opening picture – what do you think?).


Sorea Beauty in Zurich 

Let's start right away: Before our visit to Sorea Beauty, we expected a normal anti-aging facial (Fr. 165.-), even though we've been raved about Graciella Huber's Magic Touch several times – after all, our two co-founders have been working in the beauty industry for quite some time. Nevertheless, after entering the treatment rooms of Sorea Beauty, we immediately notice a kind of calmness spreading through us, which may also be due to Graciella's fairy-like appearance. However, the treatment that follows the consultation is something we have never experienced before. Graciella works with VinMa, a Vietnamese facial reflexology developed by Prof. Bui Quoc Chau, which activates the body's own self-healing powers. Specially made instruments are used to activate vital points on the face. This is not always pleasant and sometimes painful, because these tools trigger certain points in our body. But it is worth it to persevere. At the end of the treatment, a much younger you (hello, Benjamin Button!) looks back at us from the mirror and we leave Sorea Beauty floating on clouds.

Last but not least: So much looove for 

Known among stoners as "hippie's disappointment," CBD is now seeing more and more use in the beauty industry after its medical high. This is because the non-psychoactive substance is said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, as studies by the University of Jerusalem have shown. Anna Anghelescu and Julia Heim, the founders of, have convinced themselves of this and have developed care products in collaboration with a Swiss CBD expert. In combination with essential oils and Alpine Edelweiss, the products of the new Swiss CBD care line smell fine and, thanks to the Instagrammable packaging, keep popping up in influencers' feeds.

With love, to you -TGC Team

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