Fira Faoro's Beauty Regimen

von The Goddess Collective 12 März 2022

Fira Faoro's Beauty Regimen

Early in the morning, I start into the new day by manifesting good thoughts for a person I love – this is a practice I perform every day:  I visualize, feel and imagine these wishes very clearly. This very personal manifestation practice fills me with love for my loved ones as well as for myself and allows me to practice gratitude. 

When I feel like it and do have time, I continue with a short meditation by using the app "Waking Up". Thanks to those meditations, led by Sam Harris, I can practice mindfulness and transform my sense of who and what I am.

As for my beauty ritual regarding the use of cosmetic products: After washing my face with luke warm water I use Avène's Hydrance Emulsion SPF30. I use it every day, so I know it works. As chapsticks don't work on my lips I use Lacrème Beauté's Rose Cream. It's my go-to salve.

At the end of I day I wash my face again with luke warm water as I personally find that cleansing products dry my skin out. I follow by applying Junglück's Retinol Cream. Or if I feel I need something more hydrating, I use Junglück's Hyaluron Night Cream.

In general I love a balanced and vegan diet, which contributes to a good skin complexion and to my general well-being.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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