The Goddess Collective

Higher Spirit Sigil Locket


Handcrafted and delicately carved in Jaipur by local artisans, you'll find inside the Higher Spirit Sigil Locket a magical symbol aka sigil with the meaning fearless, that has been lovingly created by a powerful member of the original three in London.

A sigil is a type of pictorial signature or also known as calligraphic magic that is encoded with a specific purpose – for example to attract a romantic partner, to set strong boundaries, to be more financially prosperous or to heal your inner child.

Furthermore the TGC founders have blessed the Higher Spirit Sigil Locket with full moon water whilst chanting a mantra, that brings you courage and the heart of a lion.

This is why the Higher Spirit Sigil Locket will not only carry your treasures – such as hair locks from your lover, photographs or crystals – but also empower you along every step you take.


Recycled 24k gold plated silver


2.6cm in diameter