Starseed Designs Inc.

The Starchild Tarot – 1st Edition Rose Portal Design


Are you a seeker who feels a connection to the stars? Have you experienced dreams or distant memories that call out from another time and place? Are you hoping to awaken or support your intuition?

If you resonate with these thoughts, this Tarot Deck – created for readers of all levels – is the one to explores.

Package includes


  • 78 Cards – Including The Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana of the Flu Suits (Wands, Crystals aka Pentacles, Swords and Cups)

  •  5 x 3 Inch cards with white boarders

  • A comprehensive guide book

  • A sturdy tow-piece box

  • 400 GSM card stock with a satin matte finish

  • Antique-style gold matte gliding

    How to Use

    Through activating visuals, luminous dreamscapes, and gentle (yet honest) messages – each card functions as a portal for our own awakening.

    Additional Benefits

    This Tarot Deck was carefully crafted – seen trough a lens of a Starseed's dream – to uncover started wisdom, enhance self-care & wellness, develop intuitive growth and to explore the akashic records. Furthermor The Starchild Tarot offers a unique approach to reading the Tarot, celebrating its teachings through new, activating portals of light.