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Fractal Forest is a collective of visionaries, earth lovers, dreamers, herbalists, alchemists.

Botanical Preservation

Fractal Forest is devoted to sourcing the purest, high vibrational medicine on the planet, while supporting the natural ecosystems and sustainable harvesting practices. Fractal Forest's products reflect our desire to preserve and share the ethnobotanical wisdom of the Earth.

A New Earth

Fractal Forest is here to share the medicine of the plants. Bringing more awareness to the collective's inner and outer ecosystems so that we may live in harmony with the Earth. The plants are here to help restore balance within, so we may restore our vital life force and natural alignment with healing. What the collective doesn't grow on their land on Kaua’i, is sourced ethically from organic farmers and/or wildcrafters. Fractal Forest works with small craft distillers to source honest medicine in resonance with the Earth. It is the collective's vision to help restore the natural ecosystems and offer sustainable resources for our highest evolution as a species. We can’t survive if the Earth isn’t equally thriving.

Earth Tech & Community

Fractal Forest is holding space for a new Earth. A portion of this collective's profits is cycled back into creating resilient systems to support natural ecosystems. The Collective has several permaculture gardens and nurseries here on Kaua’i, with intention to preserve and sustain all threads of botanical wisdom.

Fractal Forest hand crafts their products on Kaua’i with healing intention to awaken and thrive. Formulated and alchemized by Kayra Satya, Finn Elea, and our team of herbalists.
Through connecting with plants, we can reclaim our sovereignty and our personal power.

True power comes when we connect with the forces greater than ourselves, opening to be a channel of that which is pure and true. The forces of nature such as the sun, the ocean, fire, are the same elemental forces within you. We must learn to yield this power wisely.

As a collective whole, for the greater good of all. This is our legacy.