La Vita è Bella with Yasmine Yamada

La Vita è Bella with Yasmine Yamada

02 Dec, 2023The Goddess Collective

Yasmine, what was the first spiritual practice you fell in love with, and why?
I started incorporating meditation into my daily routine when competing actively 5 years ago. Meditation was a way for me to clear my mind and help with my anxiety. I really liked guided meditation with mantras that helped me throughout the day. I would wake up in the morning and start my day with one of the guided meditations.

Mindful rituals you’re most faithful to?
I would say meditation and journaling. I love to write down my thoughts. I also really enjoy mindful movement, whether it be going for a walk in nature and paying attention to the very moment I am in or being on the ice when I moving to music.



The first thing you do after waking up?
As I have mentioned before, I started my day with meditation when I was actively competing as a figure skater. At the moment, my life has changed a bit, and I begin my day organizing my space. I like to have a clean working space, and by organizing it first thing in the morning, I get to feel productive from the very beginning of the day.

Go-to weeknight recipe?
During the week I am pretty busy so I like to make something that is fast but also nutritious. I like to make baked vegetables. Washing and cutting the vegetable that I have at home and then putting them on a baking tray with some seasoning and olive oil. I like to eat it with any meat substitute that I have available at home as I am a vegetarian.

First job?
Ice skating coach. Still doing that whenever I have the time and chance, I like to help out my mother with her students. I love guiding the skaters on their journey and giving advice based on my experience. I want the skaters to have a good time on the ice and to understand that learning a new task can be rewarding, even if it requires a lot of work. 


Won’t fly without?
Magnesium supplements. I tend to have a lot of cramps in my legs, so sitting for many hours at a time can be challenging sometimes. 

What makes you feel at home?
I am an introvert, so I enjoy having alone time, but I would still say people make me feel at home. I think for me especially, this is a hard question as I lived partially in the United States and Switzerland since I was 17 years old. During these years, I also moved many times within the States. I guess home is a feeling of comfort. That is a hard but very interesting question. I will continue to think about this question.

When and where are/were you the happiest?
I am happiest when I am able to have a positive impact on people with the work that I do. Whether it being helping others with their mental health with my journal or with the art that I do on the ice. Whenever people come up to me and say that I inspired them with my art to skate, I feel so inspired to keep doing what I am doing.

Again, living in two different places and having only one happiest moment may be difficult to recall.

One instance that guided me through my life is when I was a kid, and I was skating at the Dolder ice rink; it was snowing, it was already dark out, and I just watched how the snowflakes were falling. A picture that will stay in my memory forever and makes me happy when I think back to it. There is so much beauty around us.

What is your definition of Mental Health?
Mental health is such a complex topic. I think mental health should be treated as any other aspect of health. Mental health is what keeps us going.

Why did you publish your own journaling book? What’s the story behind?
I went through quite the storm myself with my mental health. I would never wish that upon anybody else. That is also why I am so eager to help others. I wanted to change the stigma of mental health. I want the topic to be something we are not ashamed to discuss. With the journal, I wanted to inspire people to take a few minutes out of their lives to devote to themselves and to improve their mental health.

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Who is/was your mentor? Or to put it into other words, who or what inspires you?
My mentors are my parents and my sister. My family inspires me to keep going to do what I do. I know I can always get back to them if I feel lost or need help. They are there to support me. Also, my friend. Witnessing how selflessly he is acting and helping others has inspired me to give back as much as possible.

First celebrity crush?
I just had this discussion the other day with some of my fellow skater friends, and I actually have never really had a celebrity crush. I was inspired by many celebrities but more in the sense of their achievements.

Favorite book ever and why?
"Siddhartha" is a book that can be re-read in many different life circumstances. I read it the first time when I was in high school. I re-read it a few years back when I needed a mental reset. I will read it again and again; it is a book to come back to for sure.

Which is your favorite song?
Favorite songs change over time. I like many different songs, because of skating I am surrounded by constantly listening to new music. I really like Internal Flight by Estas Tonne. It is a song that inspires me a lot and that does not get old.

Things you could buy in a bulk?
I actually buy my tea in a bulk. I love having it in the morning. I like to take it to the ice rink to keep me warm. And, I enjoy it at night before going to bed.

What does a perfect Sunday afternoon look like for you?
I enjoy an easy afternoon. Clean sheets, clean space. Outdoors.

What would you put on your neon sign?
Ever evolving.

The preferred form of exercise?
Definitely figure skating. Also, any kind of dancing and movement to music.

Favorite dish or meal?
I like a lot of food. I like Japanese food a lot. I like vegetarian tempura Udon.

Proudest moment?
I am lucky to have had many moments in life where I felt very content with the outcome of things, but I would not consider that I was proud. I think I am still working on achieving my goals at the moment, where I will eventually feel proud.

I was very content when I finished my journal. A completely new experience and world to me. I learned a lot. I am very happy with my achievements on the ice.

I think it is easier for me to be proud of someone else than me. I am proud of my sister for all of her achievements. I am proud of my parents for being such incredible role models.

What is for you personally the meaning of life?
Finding your most authentic self. Discover what it is that we enjoy and pursue our dreams and aspirations. Keep evolving as people. Helping others along the way. Giving back. Love.

If you had to pick only one TGC product, what would it be?
I love The Owl of Athena Necklace. I enjoy different jewelry styles, which are a way of expressing ourselves by adding accessories.


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