La Vita è Bella with Karin Kämpf

La Vita è Bella with Karin Kämpf

12 Sep, 2023The Goddess Collective

Karin, what was the first spiritual practice you fell in love with, and why?
Praying is a spiritual ritual that has accompanied me since childhood and plays a significant role in my life. Through prayer, I can connect with the divine, which gives me inner peace, comfort, and inspiration. In addition, this practice helps me to organize my thoughts and to concentrate on the essentials. In this way, I can leave everyday life behind and enter into a deeper level of spirituality.

Another aspect of praying that particularly touches me is the possibility of handing over my worries and fears – for example, when I find myself in a difficult situation or am confronted with challenges  –to a higher power. This fills me with hope.

Praying also has a transformative effect on my thoughts and actions. It reminds me to be humble and to care for the welfare of others. Through prayer, I develop compassion and a willingness to help others. It gives me a new perspective and allows me to see beyond my needs. Praying as a spiritual ritual has enriched my life and helped me let go.

Mindful rituals you're most faithful to?
When praying or meditating, I light a Smells like Spells candle in an undisturbed place in my home, inspired by the goddesses and gods of Scandinavian mythology such as Hag, Odin, or Idunn. The warm and mystical flickering light of the candles and the herbs and essential oils in them support me to calm down, connect with myself, and engage with the energy of the respective deity.

While the candle burns, I close my eyes and focus on my breath. I let go of the stress and hecticness of the day and dive deep into an atmosphere of stillness and inner peace. The candle acts as a symbol of the light and wisdom of the corresponding goddesses and gods that accompany me on my journey. In this meditative state, I connect with the candle's energy. I imagine it surrounding me with the wisdom and power of the gods. I allow their presence to enter my inner being and allow myself to connect with my inner strengths. This ritual encourages me to strengthen my intuition and unleash my inner energy. I reflect on my thoughts, feelings, and goals during the ritual. I reflect on my strengths and weaknesses, on my dreams and desires.

The first thing you do after waking up?
I greet the day, my family, the sun, the wind, and the animals, and make mental notes for the workday. By the way, clothing plays a big role in this and acts like a canvas that represents my respective state of mind and gives me strength and positivity.

Go-to weeknight recipe?
The evening is a special moment to end the day peacefully and get together with my family. We usually sit around the table together with a good glass of red wine and share our experiences and thoughts of the day. This is a moment of relaxation and love, with red wine symbolizing pleasure and relaxation. This creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the here and now, far away from social media or superficial topics.

As we talk about our day experiences, a lively exchange is created. We tell about our successes, challenges, and funny incidents. It's great to see how we can support each other, encourage each other, and also laugh together. The evening ritual strengthens our family bond and creates an atmosphere of trust and openness.

First job?
My first job was an apprenticeship as a ladies' fashion saleswoman in a fashion store in Aarau.

Won't fly without?
... not without my grey flannel cashmere scarf made of the highest quality cashmere yarn from Mongolia, knitted in Germany's oldest knitting mill.

What makes you feel at home?
My family is my home.

When and where are/were you the happiest?
During and after the birth of my daughter. I had a home birth and was never so close to myself and consciously happy.

Why did you start ByAdushka?
ByAdushka was born out of my desire to build a bridge between the makers, artists, artisans, and the people who purchase these gifts - jewelry, a dress, or a scented candle. Our customers should feel connected with the objects and recognize their uniqueness. I want to tell the stories of how my collections came into being and bring everyone involved closer together. In this way, I want to make the producers and customers equally happy and fully exploit the positive aspects of fashion.

Who is/was your mentor? Or, to put it into other words, who or what inspires you?
There are always people and art from all over the world, including movies, artists, music, travel, literature, social media, podcasts, and how-to videos.

First celebrity crush?
Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.

Favourite movie and/or book ever and why?
One of my all-time favourite movies is the biographical adaption of Yves Saint Laurent's life that was published for the cinemas in 2015.

And I've been watching many documentaries on fashion recently – it's interesting and inspiring to see the vast range of backgrounds, approaches, and processes. Also, YouTube has become brilliantly and hilariously addictive. Then, it is all about Eastern European heritage, Embroidery, and techniques. Then, the fascinating book from Tansy E. Hoskins: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion.

Then, the book The Song of Trees by David George Haskell. Haskell shows how the Earth's climate has emerged from exchanges among trees, soil communities, and the atmosphere.

Which is your favourite song?
There are sooo many... I love everything from Bill Evans Pianist, Jan Garbarek, Yo-Yo Ma.

Things you could buy in a bulk?
The most important things in life, like love, can't usually be bought, and certainly not in bulk.

How does a perfect Sunday afternoon look like for you?
Sitting and relaxing in my Bio Garden. Talking with friends or reading a book. Walking in a forest.

What would you put on your neon sign?
Love Is In The Air.

Preferred form of exercise?

Favourite dish or meal?
A piece of fresh bread and cheese.

Proudest moment?
When I held my daughter in my arms for the first time.

What is for you personally the meaning of life?
Try to be helpful, become a good person, and continue to develop until the last breath.

If you had to pick only one TGC product, what would it be?
The perfume bottle necklace in Labradorite.

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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