This is how you can overcome the Post-Vacay-Blues

by Irène Schäppi August 17, 2023

This is how you can overcome the Post-Vacay-Blues

Recovery after the holidays fades faster than you'd like. Holiday researchers have shown in various studies how quickly this can happen: On holiday, well-being increases quite rapidly and reaches its peak after seven to ten days on average. Back at home and on the job, most people's well-being drops back to pre-holiday levels within the first two weeks.

You come home after the holiday and feel a certain emptiness - some call this "post-holiday syndrome". Others speak of the post-holiday blues or post-vacation syndrome. However, this is not a scientifically-founded phenomenon comparable to depression.

But wallowing in self-pity and mourning that incomparable "dolce far niente" feeling doesn't improve things and only spoils our first day at work after the summer break.

As we want to prevent your Post-Vacay-Blues from worsening, we've put together five tips to help you return to a happier state of mind.

  • Smudge your flat
    Does the air at home feel suffocating? This could not only be due to a lack of draught because you closed the windows during the holidays. Rooms also store the energies of everyone who were once at home with you. But also those of objects - from thrift stores or second-hand furniture, for example. Therefore, smudging your home with sage, incense, and/or palo santo smoke is a good idea. After all, it smells nice at home again.
  • Adopt a pet
    Of course, having a cat or a dog involves a lot of responsibility and organisation - for example, when you go on holiday. Nevertheless, hardly anything is more beautiful than when you open the front door and a small (or large) ball of fur hops toward you, full of anticipation. By the way, it's especially nice to choose a pet you've found through a charity such as because you're not only doing something good for yourself.

  • Dance, dance, dance
    Admittedly: Dancing alone in your flat sounds a bit strange. But it makes perfect sense because dancing immediately releases happiness hormones, including endorphins and dopamine. With jogging, for example, this only happens after an hour. So we leave our jogging outfit in the wardrobe, switch our favourite sound to super loud - inspired by 90s fashion icon Shalom Harlow - and dance all the bad moods away. Or, in other words: Shake It Off!

  • Create a Vision Board
    This tip is an oldie but goldie, especially after the August new moon in Leo, which invites us to dream big. The best way to do this is with a vision board - career coaches refer to this as a goal or dream collage. Even Hollywood stars like Teresa Palmer swear by this manifestation practice, visualising their goals through these collages of images, but also keywords and affirmations. We can do that too. All it takes is a large piece of wrapping paper, scissors, your favourite magazines, and lots of glue. However, before starting with the vision board DIY, make yourself aware of what you want to achieve regarding your job, love, home, or travel. The more precise you are, the more likely the vision board will inspire you and even spur you on.

  • Transform your bedroom into a jungle (almost)
    According to a Nasa study, plants in the bedroom are an absolute must: they should not only ensure better air by converting CO2 into oxygen, but plants should also reduce certain harmful gases such as benzene in the rooms. We find convincing arguments for greening our bedroom. In addition, plants such as ivy or scrunchie give our favorite room an exotic touch, like in Thailand or Kenya, and we can feel a little like we're far away at home.

 From our hearts to yours, TGC

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