The Benefits Of Drinking Crystal-Infused Water

by Irène Schäppi February 24, 2023

The Benefits Of Drinking Crystal-Infused Water

Since stars like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham have discovered lithotherapy – a healing method using gems or healing crystals – drinking crystal-infused water has become a worldwide trend. No wonder crystal water bars – fountains or stylish vessels (a glass bottle with one or several crystals inside) have become a hype in spas and are now being used at home. This is why several lifestyle brands started to produce glass bottles with crystal containers that are kind to the eyes. And an eye-catcher next to your yoga mat.

This is why you should give crystal-infuse water a try

Beyond aesthetics, gem-filled vessels supposedly have myriad benefits, like helping properties, rejuvenation, and support of the body, spirit, and mind. To learn more about crystal-infused water, we spoke to Nadine Ammari, founder of the Organic Beauty Brand Namari Skin.


Nadine, which crystals or gems should we use to create crystal-infused water?
I prefer healing crystals like Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst. Combined, those gems signify a particularly harmonious mixture suitable for daily use. In addition, these three gems can be combined with other crystals to enhance their healing benefit." Nevertheless, Ammari points out that some elements may leach from the crystal into the water, harming health when consumed in high amounts. "Crystals are a composition of elements," she says. "Most elements are health-promoting for the body in small quantities, but some can be toxic in high doses, like mercury, iron, copper, lead, aluminum, and arsenic.

What are the healing properties of the mentioned gems Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst? 
Amethyst is intended to help you with stress or insomnia and has a harmonizing effect on the body. Rose Quartz is considered the stone of love and self-love that will help you to open your heart and has, all in all, a purifying effect. At the same time, Rock Crystal can support you in clarifying your mind and seeing more clearly and enhancing the impact of the other gems.

Does this mean that drinking crystal-infused water is good for our health?
There's a lot we still need to learn, Ammari says. "If someone thinks they are getting health benefits from drinking crystal-infused water, they likely are." She points out that healing crystals and gems act on such a fine plane that the effect is neither detected nor measurable. However, according to the Japanese Doctor Masaru Emoto, water is an information carrier that can absorb gems or healing crystals vibrations. In other words: Crystal-infused water carries the stone's vibration, and if you think the crystal contributes to a better disposition, there's a chance it is.

Also worth noting, Ammari says there's weight in the power of intention. She says that crystals often represent intentions like health, energy, or forgiveness, and seeing a crystal in your water bottle every time you take a sip is a consistent visual reminder of the intention behind the crystal. "Visualizing and focusing on positive intentions are likely to make us feel better, too," Ammari says. "Every athlete knows the power of visualization."

Which type of crystal water bottle should we purchase? 
Before buying or using a crystal water bottle, research and understand what elements your crystal water bottle contains and if there are associated health risks for each. "Clear Quartz," Ammari says, "is made of silicon and oxygen and is generally pretty safe." She explains that Silicon is an essential mineral for skin integrity and overall health:"It helps build collagen, which keeps skin elastic and plump. It helps support connective tissue in joints and blood vessels, reducing the risk of injury and keeping blood vessels strong and flexible. Silicon is also important for bone health and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women."

And, rather than buying a bottle with a stone that’s glued to the bottom, Ammari recommends purchasing a bottle that includes a dome-shaped setting for the stone."These bottles are expensive but make a small housing for the stones to stay sterile, and the glass can be washed," she says. Or you can make your own by using a carafe, where you put crystals of your choice on its bottom and fill it up with tap water.

If you want to know more about crystals and their healing benefits, check out our crystal guide.

From our hearts to yours, TGC Team

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