Alexandra Kruse's Beauty Regimen

by The Goddess Collective April 23, 2022

Alexandra Kruse's Beauty Regimen

The best spa ever is my bathroom. I painted it bright pink, equipped it with huge amethyst crystal druses and rose quartz and spend hours in it with my self-care routines. These can vary – depending on my mood, but also due to the respective moon constellation. After all, we women are cyclical beings. To deal with the moon also in terms of beauty and self-care is therefore my life hack number one: For example, I only get my hair cut when the moon is in Leo or Virgo.


But what I NEVER do without before starting one of my self-care routines – no matter the moon phase – is to generously smudge the bathroom and myself with Palo Santo, because protection is everything we need. Also a total must for me, is to take cold showers. It takes some effort, but it's the best! Because, cold showers not only boost your immune system, but this practice makes you feel like you've been born again.

I discovered cold showers through my Kundalini Yoga practice. In Zurich I go to Kundalini Yoga with Judith from Gobinde Yoga. When I feel like it, I can sneak there in my pajamas. At the moment, however, I am magically drawn to Serrat(u)s Bodywork Studio. Not only to bring my constantly moving mind and body into harmony. The founder of Serrat(u)s, Susan Fischer, is filled with an urban-shamanic wisdom and also makes her own body oils. My favorite: The Love Oil with palm pink, petitgrain, vetiver, sandalwood as well as organic jojoba oil from Africa – I definitely don't want to live without this body oil anymore: I love to nourish my body with it after a cold shower and to care for it with sensual touches.

I can't do without Double Cleansing

As for my current skin care regime, I can't do without Double Cleansing. I first use the super awesome High Performance Cleanser from Macrene which is High Performance indeed. Ingredients such as green tea, aloe, olive leaf and mint extracts tighten and smooth my skin texture. After that I use the Enzyme Cleanser by Dr. Barbara Sturm which I also love. This cleanser is a cleansing foam and enzymatic peeling in one, and thanks to a mixture of vitamin C and special enzymes it achieves immediate results – this makes me feel like after a visit to Hailey Bieber's beautician.

My holy grail in skin care though, is still The Rich Cream by our good old friend, Dr. Augustinus Bader, who actually developed this formula for children's burns. Another reason I'm not ready to let that shit go, even if it's sooo expensive. For the delicate eye area, I use an eye cream with peptides and amino acids from seaweed by Kypris called Ad Astra (meaning up to the stars). Even if this eye care is meant for the night, I also apply it during the day, because without a starry glow everything is nix.

Finally, I apply a rejuvenating facial oil. Specifically, the Ipsum Best Skin Enriching Face Oil, which contains, among other things, Australian persimmon oil, which is particularly rich in vitamin C, to even out skin tone and prevent dark spots, and macadamia nut oil, which is known for its super-moisturizing and regenerating properties. In order for my skin to really absorb the active ingredients of all these skin care products, after the aforementioned facial oil, I apply the Facial Cuping Set by Nazan Schnapp, which works similarly to cupping and thus promotes blood circulation in the skin. A DIY-fountain of youth, so to speak.


An absolute new discovery that I super like comes from the Austrian brand Max & Me. For example, the Palo Santo-based Face Mist The Intiuitive. Also a must try from Max & Me is the Ceremonial Bath Mask You Are The Medicine. It contains Himalayan Crystal Salts, Vitamin C, Damascus Rose powder, and cocoa powder from Peru, all of which put me in a higher place when I use it and give me and my skin a real high vibe glow. I'm pretty hooked by now, as all of Max & Me's products resonate at an incredibly high frequency.

By the way, I order most of the face and body care products mentioned here from my terrific friend Janine whose online shop is called Muse & Heroine.

But because I have to leave my beauty realm in between – I'm a typical Cancer and prefer to stay at home – I go near water. All the fountains, the river, the lake; that's what I love most about Zurich. And, as soon as it's warmer, the Frauenbadi is my go-to. There's nothing like being relaxed half-naked among your peers. What's also important to my beauty inside-out is nature. Among them, the beautiful labyrinth garden in the barracks area. I know many of the plants there by their first names.

This interview has been edited and condensed.


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