101 Eclipse Season

by Irène Schäppi April 18, 2023

101 Eclipse Season

This Aries season, we have two new Moons. The second new Moon, on April 20th (6:13am), is coupled with a hybrid solar eclipse, which is a combination of a total eclipse and an annular eclipse (sometimes known as a “ring of fire”). Although its beauty will be seen only from parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Pacific, the solar eclipse and its effects will be felt worldwide.

No Manifesting!!!

Eclipses are times of revelations. They shake up our world and show us things we’d rather not see but must become aware of to evolve. The current solar eclipse occurs at the final degrees of Aries and marks a time of closure and endings. Yet, it is still a new Moon and carries with it all the potential for new beginnings. Consider it a preview of the future. But NOT a time for manifesting. At least NOT FOR THE UPCOMING 4 WEEKS!

Here’s why manifesting during eclipse seasons are a No-go
Contrary to what you might think, eclipse season is not the best time to perform spells or manifestation rituals. This energy is so brazen and unpredictable that using it in spell work could easily blow up in your face. It’s also not generally considered the best time to charge your crystals under the sunlight, as it is during a solar eclipse that the celestial glow of both the sun and moon is obscured by a formidable shadow. All this will do is program your crystals with the stressful and chaotic energy associated with eclipse season.

Because the Universe is essentially stepping in to make adjustments to your life, you really don’t need to worry about shaping, controlling and manifesting your future at this point in time. Right now, simply give yourself time to process the changes that are about to unfold, knowing all will happen as it was always meant to.

Hello, Warrior Energy

This solar eclipse in Aries is full of fire and dynamic vibrations. Aries carries the warrior energy and teaches us to overcome our fears with courage and confidence. This energy, coupled with the eclipse, helps us see the truth around us and face it, no matter how much we want to escape it.

There is a healing nature to this eclipse. Remember this as you are shown pieces of information that may feel shocking. It’s all to help you heal, forgive, move forward, and begin a new pathway by showing you old patterns and habits you know are not serving you and reinforcing their release. The eclipse opens the door to a new journey for you and the collective. First, though, it needs to help you see everything limiting you. More precisely, this eclipse shows you what has already ended in your life but you haven’t accepted yet.

We've got your back

Detaching from this energy, though, can be challenging. Oh boy, we from Team TGC know this all too well. As this will be an intense time, and it may feel unbearable at moments, we want to support you with some carefully chosen products from our selection that are meant to help you stay present with yourself and be open to receiving all that is revealed you.

From our hearts to yours – TGC ✨

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